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Format: WMV / Flash Media Type: DVD
Time: 28:53 Minutes Studio: Japan Anime
Year: 2005 Distributor: Japan Anime


Requiem - Episode 1

An underground society lies beneath the surface of Tokyo. This society has kept silent for many years, but now, they are on the move. They are kidnapping the four micos, Hinomico, Mizunomico, Kazenomico and Tsuchinomico, and use their powers to awaken the long forgotten ‘God’. To stop them from awakening this god, a group of government special agents is dispatched to get hold of each mico and protect them before they reach them. Why is the secret society trying to awaken God? Who are these four micos? Who are these special agents? The long forgotten legend is awakening from the depths or darkness





Format: WMV / Flash Media Type: DVD
Time: 28:43 Minutes Studio: Japan Anime
Year: 2005 Distributor: Japan Anime


Requiem - Episode 2

Hayato saves Homura and looks for a safe place. On the way they encounter an assassin sent out by the secret society, the Golden Convergence. Having no way of avoiding the assassin Hayato takes his chances by hiding Homura in a different realm, however, by no means this was the safest place for her. In the mean time Fortune, also known as the Mizunomico, was also in great danger! What is to come for the two mico's in danger? Where is the Kazenomico? What dark past does Hayato hold and what are his relations with the Golden Convergence? This is merely a start a start to a new verse, the requiem that will unleash great evil powers.





Format: WMV Media Type: DVD
Time: 28:56 Minutes Studio: JapanAnime
Year: 2007 Distributor: JapanAnime


Ringetsu - Episode 1

A Long time ago, a curse was cast upon the Rindo family. The curse: the family could only give birth to boys. The only way to temporarily lift the curse was to have a child with someone from the Hizuki family. Once the curse was lifted, it would haunt the family again every 3rd generation. Many years have passed and now, Naoto Rindo will be the unfortunate one. His former fiancé from the Hizuki family has passed away due to a tragic accident and now he must impregnate one of the other four girls from the Hizuki family, however, time is running short.

Will he be able to successfully impregnate one of the girls with a boy? Or will the curse ruin his life, forever….





Format: WMV / Flash Media Type: DVD
Time: 27:32 Minutes Studio: Japan Anime
Year: 2007 Distributor: Japan Anime


Ringetsu - Episode 2

Naoto's mission to seed an heir continues... while he has intercourse with Ayumi, he sees a presence of his former fiance, Suzune. At first, Ayumi did not like him calling her by that name... but as her feelings towards him have grown, she grew to ignore it. At the same time, she found herself worrying about the possibility that her other two sisters might win his heart and steal him away. The ceremony draws closer and Naoto does not have much time left. Who will he end up choosing and will he succeed in impregnating one of the girls with his successor?





Format: WMV / Flash Media Type: DVD
Time: 27:24 Minutes Studio: Japan Anime
Year: 2007 Distributor: Japan Anime


Ringetsu - Episode 3

Naoto has had sex with all four sisters, not in the name of love, but on a mission to impregnate one of them and prevent being disowned by his family. However, as the ceremony draws near, he realizes that what he has been doing is foolish and must correct his actions before he loses his new true love, forever



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